Taku and Jess are new Love Island favorites


When Jess kissed Taku in the game “New Balls Please” Aaron was unimpressed and said she felt “led”. But the context is important here.

Aaron – who initially seemed indifferent to her advances in episode two, but then left her pluck his eyebrows in episode three – felt frustrated that Jess was sending her “mixed signals”.

But, before the kiss with Taku in the tennis-themed game, Jess had talked to Aaron about the fact that they had no chemistry and had honestly told him that she wanted to talk with other contestants.

When Jess found Aaron talking about it with Ari, she chatted with him and apologized, but fans were divided over the exchange – a majority siding with Jess.

On the one hand, it’s absolutely great for Aaron to share how he feels and to be honest. If he felt guided, why not express it? On the other hand, he had always loved Lexy 24 hours ago and only sought to explore his connection with Jess after Lexy chose Ryan. After spending more time together, Jess was honest and said she didn’t feel a spark. THEN she had a “date” with Taku. They aren’t a “couple” so why does she owe him more than that? How was she leading him?

But it didn’t stop there.

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The previously mentioned date between Taku and Jess literally involved sitting on a lounge chair, eating a fruit platter. But as Ted Lasso would say, it’s not about the end result, it’s about the effort! And that’s essentially as much effort as you can put into a date where you can’t leave the confines of your home.

Almost everyone in the Villa was involved or rooted in the date between Taku and Jess. Ryan and Mitch helped him “settle in” by rearranging the outdoor space, Ari helped Jess get ready, Alex and Mitch took out the set and all the girls looked across the yard with supportive feedback.

Aaron could have stayed quiet in a corner when almost everyone was eager to get involved. Instead, he joked about stepping out and slamming the tray out of the boy’s hands as they delivered him, which earned Mitch a quick laugh and a “no” from Mitch.

Later, finding out about the comment, Taku took Aaron aside for a conversation, asking if he had done anything wrong or if there was something Aaron would like to discuss.

Instead of calmly explaining his feelings – like he had done with Ari and Jess – Aaron immediately attacked. Raising his voice and speaking over Taku, he claimed he wasn’t going to apologize but also that apparently he didn’t care about Jess.

For some reason, Aaron also brought up the fact that Taku was invited to one of the singles by Lexy. But Aaron also went on one of those dates and actively pursued Lexy, so what’s the point in talking about it? You may be wondering. We know we were. Honestly, there seemed to be no point in returning the ‘drama’ to Taku.

Although the two men exchanged beards, Taku ended the conversation by saying “I will respect you at the end of the day, but that was a stupid comment”, while Aaron walked away saying “He doesn’t. didn’t give two f — s “on the situation. Little difference.

WATCH: Taku and Aaron clash Love Island Australia. The story continues after the video.

Viewers quickly took sides, and given that he was voted a fan favorite earlier in the episode, it’s no surprise that people are Team Taku.

Taku wearing this show, “one fan wrote on an Instagram clip of the fight, while another added that the star” had class “in the situation.

“Aaron can leave. Taku literally pulled him up to have a mature conversation and he just blew up,” said another.

Meanwhile on Twitter, fans were celebrating Jess for moving up with Taku.

As we look forward to some juicy new episodes next week, it looks like Taku and Jess have established themselves as the Love island australia it-couple for 2021. And they haven’t even officially teamed up yet!

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