These 9 beautiful swimming pools merge nature and design | Architectural Summary

The summer months often evoke one of the oldest debates in modern history: the pool versus the beach. For some, nothing beats the natural beauty that presents itself when standing at the edge of the earth – a concrete bowl filled with chlorine just doesn’t compare. But for others, the clean, controlled environment of a pool trumps the sandy messes and vicious waves that can easily knock you over. It’s fair to say that each side has valid points.

However, if you ever get the chance to visit some of these pools, you get the best of both sides of the argument. Located on top of the mountains and built into the rocks, these pools combine nature and design to create the perfect summer setting. Enjoy both breathtaking views of the natural world and calm, serene waters. Recently, AD have researched some of the best pools that use the natural world to enhance built ones, and luckily many are located in resorts, so you can visit them on your next vacation.

Castello di Vicarello in Tuscany, Italy

Photo: Courtesy of Castello di Vicarello

Castello di Vicarello is a 12th century castle that has been artfully transformed over 25 years into a luxury hotel along the Mediterranean coast of Tuscany. Vicarello is not only a magnificent destination to relax and disconnect, but it also offers an unforgettable way to discover one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Its swimming pool embodies a deep respect for the landscape in a way that is both beautifully elegant and remarkably minimalist.

Hotel Caruso in Ravello, Italy

Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Caruso

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