This Elden Ring mod adds a Binley Mega Chippy battle

There are plenty of fantastic Elden Ring mods on PC that can add really useful tweaks and features, like random enemy encounters for new challenges or seamless co-op multiplayer. This Elden Ring mod, on the other hand, adds a giant Binley Mega Chippy to battle.

YouTuber ToastedShoes does a lot of mod-related videos, including a whole series called “Elden Ring but ruined by mods” – the most recent of which includes boss fights against Bowser and a buff toad, a quest from Amy Rose and Big Bird proving to be more terrifying than the dragon it replaces.

ToastedShoes has posted their latest discovery on Reddit, which is an impressive Elden Ring mod that replaces towering walking mausoleums with, well, beloved TikTok and meme star Binley Mega Chippy. So it’s basically a Walking Chippy instead. As usual, if you want to visit this respectable eating establishment, you’ll first need to remove the legs so it crashes to the ground. That’s pretty normal for a Coventry takeaway.

You can watch the video below, including Homer Simpson riding Slinky Dog in a desperate attempt to order fish and chips.

Binley Mega Chippy invaded Eldenring

If you want to visit Binley Mega Chippy in a slightly more relaxing environment, it’s also available in The Sims 4 as a working restaurant mod.

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