‘This is our moment’: $ 38 million from the Center for Black Excellence and Culture to open in 2023 | Local government

The Center also launched a fundraising campaign with numerous six-figure giveaways from across the county, including $ 500,000 from the Pleasant Rowland Foundation, $ 500,000 from the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation, $ 125,000 from Marla and Larry Frank. , $ 100,000 from UW Health, $ 100,000 from M3 Insurance and an anonymous donation of $ 100,000.

“This effort is within our grasp,” said fundraising co-chair Frances Huntley-Cooper. “Our fundraising campaign still has a long way to go to raise $ 36 million, and we are excited to see Dane County as a whole and bring the Center to life.”

Members of the black community attend a press conference on Thursday on the development of the Center for Black Excellence and Culture to be built adjacent to the Fountain of Life Covenant Church on West Badger Road.


“It’s time for all of us to join leaders like Dr. Gee in transforming Madison from one of the worst cities for black people to live in, into one of the best,” said Kim Sponem, CEO and Chairman of Summit Credit Union . “For businesses, the Center will help us retain our Black talent, recruit talent from other fields and make Madison the welcoming and supportive place that he wants to be, but has struggled to be. to become.”

“For all these reasons, I am proud to announce today that Summit Credit Union will help launch the Center for Black Excellence and Culture with the Centre’s first corporate gift and the largest donation ever made by Summit Credit Union, by far, $ 2 million, ”Sponem said. to crowd cheers and a punch from Gee as she announced the gift.

“We need business leaders like Kim to say that this will help this community… the ripple effect is that it makes Madison a destination for children of black families,” said Gee. “Summit and others who support the Center… this will inspire others to lean forward. Business leaders can talk to business leaders. They have resources and we still need more.

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