This minimal micro-cabin is a serene shelter inspired by the A-frame chalets of the 1950s!

Nestled in the Poisson Blanc regional park in Canada, is a micro-hut called “La Pointe”. Designed by L’Abri de Montréal, La Pointe is a serene little cabin that offers shelter to park visitors. The triangular-shaped structure is a rejuvenated reinterpretation of the typical A-frame cabins that became so popular in North America in the 1950s. The A-frame cabin-inspired cabin accommodates up to four people, all helping them stay connected to the pure, undiluted nature all around. “It was important for the designers to create a simple, almost sculptural structure that would provide functional and nature-oriented spaces,” said L’Abri. And La Pointe is a true reflection of this.

A path leads to the off-grid shelter. It is a ten minute walk from the park reception. The interiors of the space are warm, minimal and subtle. Natural light adorns most of the cabin, creating an open space that is both welcoming and warm.

The kitchenette, living room and a table that turns into an extra bed occupy the first floor. An inclined ladder leads to a bed above, which is supported by steel rods. The cathedral-like ceiling and suspended bed create a peaceful mezzanine.

A majestic bay window offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest and the reservoir. A lounge chair hanging next to the bay window serves as a cozy little nook to snuggle up in.

A covered terrace is located in front of the front door. “Leaning on the main volume, the covered terrace becomes the ideal place to continue to enjoy the outdoors when the temperature is less favorable”, specify the architects.

The exterior is covered in natural cedar planks, which should turn silver over the years and allow the house to blend effortlessly with the lush forest surrounding it. La Pointe is a magnificent little haven of peace in a wooded area where refuges are rare. It perfectly fuses functionality and warm aesthetics, creating a space that not only protects you, but also lets you enjoy the great outdoors.

Creator: L’Abri

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