three10 to bring a modern touch to southern cuisine

When the husband-and-wife team of Matthew Walker and Jennifer Concklin opens three10 this month, the couple hope to bring something new and fresh with a modern southern menu in Wilmington.

The couple started planning a restaurant in 2018, and now, three years later, it’s finally becoming a reality.

“I wanted a more traditional space,” Concklin said, adding that she just wanted a small house as a restaurant.

Her dream came true when they were able to locate a small bungalow in Wilmington that was going to be demolished. With the help of the Historic Wilmington Foundation, the space in which diners will soon eat is this one-story home. Concklin and Walker have added a kitchen area to the rear.

“I love the original part of this space. The bungalow is our dining room and the new part is our kitchen, ”she said.

The three10 restaurant’s name comes from the original location of the bungalow, 310 Bladen St. Dating back to the 1920s, the house has been moved to the current site of 1022 N. Fourth St. and has undergone renovations.

Concklin said she has one main theme in mind when restoring the space.

“I wanted you to feel like you were going to your grandmother’s on the Sunday after church. It comforts me and I want everyone who comes here to feel that comfort, ”she said.

While she serves at the front of the house, Walker, who is from Florence, will serve as the chef. With a long history in restaurant kitchens across the country, Walker and Concklin feel right at home in Wilmington.

The menu will include dishes such as smoked blue fish spread with rye crackers and North Carolina white shrimp with risotto. Walker plans to incorporate local, seasonal produce as much as possible to keep menu items new and fresh.

On their website, they describe the menu as modern seafood dishes “showcasing traditional ingredients from the coastal Carolinas and lowlands as well as up-to-date classic cocktails.”

“We’re excited to open a new restaurant in the Brooklyn area, and we already have a historic location here,” Concklin said. “We want to honor the heritage of the building and bring comfort and good food to the people who come to dine here. ”

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