Truck crashes in Il Violino’s outdoor coffee shop

On Thursday afternoon, a U-Haul truck crashed into Il Violino’s outdoor dining area, located at 180 Columbus Avenue at 68th Street.

We contacted the restaurant and the NYPD, and luckily no injuries were reported.

Il Violino’s beer garden has become a neighborhood staple for its seasonal themes. Last winter it made our list of cute holiday displays for this very Christmas dining room structure.

While alfresco dining has boosted New York City’s spirits since the start of the pandemic, some safety concerns have not received much attention.

In an article written by our sponsors at the Gray law firm, the attorneys mentioned that the regulations “are primarily concerned with social distancing, disinfection practices and personal protective equipment, workplace practices, hygiene, screening, etc. shared public space ”, adding that there is a real“ danger of a vehicle entering the dining room of a restaurant in the street ”and that“ most [the] transient structures provide little or no real barrier between the guests and the rushing vehicles.

This is not the first incident in which a vehicle crashed into a sidewalk café. In March, eight people were injured when a pickup truck crashed into a car, sending it to an outdoor dining room on East 50th Street, ABC7 reported at the time.

In April, a driver fatally struck a person on a scooter before crashing into a beer garden in Queens, also injuring a restaurant customer, the New York Post written at the time.

When we shared the video of the scene at Il Violino on Instagram, most of the people who responded expressed their gratitude that no one was hurt, while sending positive wishes to the owners of the restaurant.

A handful of comments blamed the frequent reckless driving they see in this part of the neighborhood. One user said that “people ride Columbus in this area like it’s a nascar track”, while another user mentioned that this has happened before at the same restaurant.

When one user said “these things need to be deleted” the comment was quickly greeted with responses like “shut up” and “lame”.

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