VIDEO: Bitter cold New Yorker eats punches from multiple attackers with arms crossed, then rolls over

One of the greatest assets a boxer can possess is an iron jaw. A jaw strong enough to take the toughest blows. It’s even more impressive when ordinary people demonstrate this strength. In fact, a New York man channeled his inner Canelo Alvarez while eating punches.


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A video posted on ‘World Latin Star’, recently went viral. He showed an altercation that took place in what looked like a fast food restaurant in New York. A man in a black vest and blue shorts first got into a verbal argument with a group of people.

The man then pushed the group of people. And even kept hitting one of them.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 21: Canelo Alvarez at a press conference ahead of his super middleweight bout with Caleb Plant on November 6 at the Beverly Hilton on September 21, 2021 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

However, he was met with a brutal volley of punches from three people. But, to the surprise of the attackers and viewers, the man continued to swallow the blows, without even flinching or changing his facial expressions. Besides, it seemed like it was just a normal day in his life. We can say that his iron chin was reminiscent of the formidable Alvarez.

The man then pulled a weapon that looked like an ax from his bag. He then hit his attackers with the same, while smashing a window pane in the process.

Combat sports fans reacted to the ‘fight’ video

Combat sports fans were impressed with the man’s ability to take a beating. In fact, they took to social media to share their thoughts on the matter.

User @Kosiproblem was surprised at how calm the man was throughout the incident.

Likewise, user @itsnumo mentioned that the attackers should have known they were in trouble when they saw the man remaining calm throughout the debacle.

A few users were impressed with the man’s ability to take a beating. Additionally, user @ilikechamomile was quick to mention that the man was “built differently.”

Along the same lines, user @MissKilahMarie mentioned that people should have been scared the moment they saw the man calmly eating the shots.


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Meanwhile, user @bindystl also reminded people of the unspoken hood rules. And, also mentioned that the attackers should have come out after witnessing the debacle.


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