What is Marie Kondo’s “power spot” and where is yours?

Marie Kondo has shared many pearls of organizational wisdom on her new Netflix series, Sparkling joy. The world-renowned decluttering expert encourages her customers to create a colorful “sparkling joy line” in their closets and organize jewelry by imagining how it might be displayed in a store.

Among all kinds of other practical organizing ideas, Marie Kondo underlines the importance of finding your “strong point”. But what is it really, and how do we locate the feeding point in our home?

Marie Kondo on Sparking Joy

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“For me, creating a ‘power spot’ and spending time in it is one of my favorite ways to relax,” says Marie Kondo. “Your power point could be a side table, a comfortable chair, or even an entire room.

“The only requirement is that it be filled with items that evoke joy,” she says. Marie points to her vase of fresh white roses, flickering candle, and crystals displayed on a small side table in her living room as examples of decor that sparks joy and serenity.

Marie explains that spending time in your power spot will greatly increase the pleasure you feel at home. As for your personal power point, it can be where you want it to be.

Boho loveseat by Loaf in pale blue

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We love the idea of ​​transforming a cozy reading nook into a powerful place for fall, outfitted with our best armchair or lounge chair, a gorgeous lamp, artwork, and the softest blankets we have. money can buy.

In terms of entire rooms, the living room – or maybe a home office if you’re lucky enough to have one – are spaces that lend themselves to being a power point. Alternatively, you can give neglected areas like the area around the kitchen sink a little love to make the dishes more cheerful.

Perhaps you would like to create a sanctuary in your laundry room so that folding clothes becomes a peaceful break from busy family life rather than a dreaded chore.

Bread Love Seat Chair

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Real houses Digital editor Hebe Hatton shares her strong point: “I live in an open-plan space, so creating ‘spots’ all over my apartment is something I’ve learned to do naturally as I try to zone it out. space. My favorite eating spot, the place where I always sit with my morning coffee, is at one end of my couch.

“It’s the end that sits around the corner with an overflowing shelf above and a perfect table for a coffee and magazine next to it,” Hebe explains. “From there I can see pretty much my entire space, and there’s also the best view out the window from there.

“It’s also known as the worst place to watch TV, so you feel separated from where I spend my evenings,” she adds. Creating a power point is a great exercise that will inspire you to lovingly decorate other areas of your home so that they are filled with things that make you smile.

Where will yours be?

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