What is the Resort Pass? How to access the hotel swimming pools without reservation

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We’ve all been there. Sweating through our clothes during the summer heatwaves, dreaming of having the chance to jump in a magnificent swimming pool on the roof of a hotel. This dream is often overshadowed by the fact that in order to access said swimming pool you have to be a hotel guest and shell out a few hundred dollars (or more) to reserve a room just for the chance to soak your feet. .

But what if we told you there is a better way? How can you reserve your own poolside cabana or lounge chair at one of the myriad of luxury hotels with swimming pools in your city without reserving a room?

Allow us to introduce ResortPass to you.

As a figurative key card to any number of hotel and resort pools across the country, ResortPass allows you to book a “day” at partner properties wherever you are and hang on the edge. from the pool as if you were a real customer. Even better news? It will cost you as little as $ 25 per person to do so.

Here’s how it works: Simply head to the ResortPass site (or its associated app) to find the availability of day passes, spa passes, or cabanas at any of the hotels or resorts in your area that are part of the. RP network. If you find one you like and the price looks right, you can book right away. You will then receive a special reservation ID number, which you will use to “check in” at the hotel and then grant access to all of the amenities listed in the ResortPass listing.

As of this writing, ResortPass has over 600 partners in 150 cities and 30 states, many of which are literally 5-star accommodations with amenities to match. Of course, pricing and availability are going to be different depending on where and when you are located (and the level of luxury of a property), but at the end of the day: you have access to a pool that you would otherwise pay for. much more enjoyment.

Curious about what type of properties are in the network? We’ve put together some highlights from across the country.

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