Where to try Middle Eastern and North African cuisine

Middle Eastern and North African cuisine in Luxembourg will have you taste dishes from Ethiopia, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Turkey.

These regions incorporate a wide variety of spices and flavors and are a great option for vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers, and those on a gluten-free or lactose-free diet. The menus in many places are also good value for money, with many dishes under € 10.

If we missed your favorite Middle Eastern or North African restaurant, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Caftan – 37 Avenue Pasteur

The latest addition to the Limpertsberg restaurant scene is Caftan, with its velvet and gold banquettes, wicker chairs and subdued lighting. Moroccan cuisine offers a mix of mezze (hummus, eggplant, falafel), tagines, couscous and many dishes to share, although the prices are a bit higher than those of its neighbors, reflecting the upscale atmosphere.

The coffee shop also includes a hot red souk shop with plush cushions and floor seating, where you can enjoy a Spicy Souk vodka cocktail infused with saffron, tangerine liqueur, cardamom, ginger and juice. fresh orange.

Chiché – 20 avenue Pasteur

Just down the road, this establishment has moved a few times, but remains a favorite among regulars who feast on vegetarian and meat dishes. Whitewashed brick walls and simple tables are complemented by comfy deep armchairs and fringed lamps to create a more intimate setting.

Share dishes from the dizzying list of mezzes including Mutabel, grilled smoked eggplant, hummus, falafel, and Loubieh bi Zeit, a vegan dish of green beans, onions, tomatoes and garlic. You can also enjoy vegan, vegetarian or lamb specialties, with a side dish of Lebanese fried potatoes with coriander and garlic.

Social restaurant, Chiche promotes social inclusion by allowing men and women to work. The decor includes recycled furniture.

Kicheneck – 66 Avenue Pasteur

Bring your own bottle of wine and enjoy a plate of vegetable or meat couscous, or marinated chicken or lamb, with batata harra, sautéed potatoes in tomato sauce, at this simple Lebanese restaurant . There are hot and cold mezzes and a good selection of vegetarian options.

Syriously – 47 rue de Bonnevoie

Created by Mahmoud, a former Syrian pharmacist, Syriously is a place for sharing Syrian and Ukrainian dishes, thanks to partner Olga Mudryk (Beggen’s original restaurant has moved to this new location in the city). A stunning selection of cold and hot dishes, from humble Yalanji hummus, grape leaves stuffed with rice, pomegranate and spices.

The Syrian business lunch plate includes spicy rice, salad, vegetables and the meat of the day. If you prefer, try the Ukrainian borscht. A charming setting with wooden beams and tables, gray and red furniture and mood lighting.

Foodbox Persian – 21 rue Aldringen / Infinity center Kirchberg

Gluten-free and lactose-free rice and sauces mean you can cater for everyone, including strict vegans, at Persian FoodBox. Khorech is the Persian word for stews and literally means “meal”. In the Iranian cuisine that can be found in this restaurant, there are many khorech, but most are characterized by the use of saffron.

Meat eaters can enjoy chicken fillet with chopped walnut, saffron and pomegranate sauce (Fersenjan) and vegans can taste eggplant, split peas, dried lemon, turmeric and saffron (Lapeh Bademjan). There is a wide variety of rice, and boxes with rice and sauce start at € 9.80. The perfect place for a pit stop if you are shopping in town or visiting a gallery or museum.

Dune – 26 rue des Bains

Chef Ali El Mansouri left his Berber village for Paris and one of the most famous Moroccan restaurants in the capital. You can now taste its cuisine in Luxembourg, from couscous with chicken, spicy sausage merguez, fish or vegetarian, as well as a selection of salads. Sprinkle it with mint tea, in their light and airy, pink and white restaurant.

Bazaar – 46 Place Guillaume II

Savor a TelAviv47 cocktail of Bombay sapphire, cardamom, tarragon, honey, champagne and orange blossom gin, before choosing from the hummus bar (including avocado, cashew and spicy harissa hummus) topped with pita bread or challah (a Jewish bread, a bit like brioche but using oil instead of butter).

Mezze options include Muhammara, made with grilled peppers and nuts, a fatoush salad, or stuffed grape leaves. You can try couscous or smoked octopus and beef shawarma. A neat interior, with comfortable tables, perhaps not the place for an intimate romantic dinner, but located in the heart of the old town.

Green olive – 75 rue de Strasbourg

Organic and mostly vegan / vegetarian, this Middle Eastern cuisine serves something a little different. Vegan falafel with tahini sauce, okra or spinach stew, broccoli pancakes and mung bean soup. Meat lovers have no fear there is a chicken shawarma wrap on the menu if you are desperate. Places are limited but you can order take out.

The Riad – 57 rue de Strasbourg

Chicken tagine cooked in a traditional Moroccan pot


Also located in the train station, Le Riad offers a very complete menu including their Moroccan specialties, tagines, rice with seafood or meat, and a very long list of varieties of couscous. Vegetarians won’t go hungry as there is plenty on the menu for them.

The recipes come from a mix of Berber and Andalusian traditions, and spices from Morocco, and there’s a daily special if you want to try the wild card. No alcohol is served, but you can bring your own.

Phenicia – 5 rue André Duscher

Syrian and Lebanese specialties include mezze such as Foul Medemmas, fried green beans with tomato, onion, parsley and lemon, as well as all the usual stuffed grape leaves, hummus, falafel and eggplant dip. For a different starter, try the ground lamb drizzled with pomegranate syrup.

Main courses include Ouzi – filo pastry stuffed with lamb, rice, peas and pine nuts. The prices are a bit more expensive than some of the other restaurants, with interesting set menus, and it has a huge dining room that can accommodate larger groups or work outings.

Kumpir – the happy potato – Place du Thhearth

Kumpir means baked potato in Turkish, a popular street dish in Istanbul. Served with a variety of toppings, Turkish sausage and chicken curry goulash chili, with vegetarian options including beans, Mediterranean vegetables and a lentil salad. There are tables outside to feast on that winter comfort food, or to stay warm inside on a sofa or sitting at wooden tables.

Damascus – 46 Sainte Zithe

More Syrian cuisine in this restaurant located in Gare including falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, kibbeh (bulgur and meatballs) and sambousek (meat pastry). The Shish and Shawarma dishes are complemented by a good selection of vegetarian options, which can be complemented with pastries from the Middle East. The small dining room is decorated with beautiful lamps and lanterns.

OrientX – rue Alphonse Weicker (Kirchberg) & 25 boulevard WF Raiffeisen (Gasperich)

After enjoying a kebab in London, Mr. Sen and Mr. Witte were inspired to recreate the food and a quick, relaxed dining experience with gourmet kebabs, and thus created OrientX. Chicken, veal, or beef shish kebabs sit alongside offerings of falafel and vegetable kebabs on their menu, along with a few cold mezze options. All kebabs are under € 10 and the most expensive main course is € 13.30, so it’s Middle Eastern cuisine at rock-bottom prices. Both restaurants have a clean feel with white tables and leather benches, perfect for a lunch or after-work stop.

At Jimmy’s – Heiderscheid

Head to Heiderscheid for authentic Ethiopian cuisine at Jimmy’s, serving traditional Ethiopian coffee and various grilled meats, including lamb and beef, with vegetables and sauces. The interior is bright, with blue walls and red woven baskets, as well as wooden seating, giving it a very authentic feel. The food is served in a large sharing plate with bread, in the local style, and if coffee isn’t your thing you can try Ethiopian beer, Bedele.

The MEtis – 265 rue de Neudorf

Okay, it’s not North Africa but Central Africa, but La Métis deserves a mention for its authentic Congolese cuisine, brought to Luxembourg by Magali and Stéphane, and offering Moambe chicken, plantains and a chance to see local artists and buy crafts.

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