Why Cracker Barrel was destroyed on Reddit

The employee, Redditor u/CHIF406, reveals that he worked at Cracker Barrel for five years as a back-of-house (BOH) staff. They claim, “We are clueless, perpetual skeletal crew, half (sic) of the equipment is constantly breaking down, and management is doing nothing to fix these or any other issues that arise.” They add that it’s even more demoralizing that “the food is so cheap that it gives you no pride in what you’re doing.”

Other users rallied, echoing sentiments about food and working conditions. Redditor legend_mushroom said, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Reviewer pandacat3 described Cracker Barrel’s chicken and ravioli as “flat blobs of uncooked dough”. User Jaspers47 said he used to go to Cracker Barrel with his parents as a kid but asked not to go again and hasn’t been back since over 20 years. “I’m glad to know that I made the right choice.”

Other Cracker Barrel employees also sympathized with u/CHIF406. Succioboy sympathizes, “As someone else in the same boat, in the same place, I feel your pain. My store is no better.” They offered further words of encouragement, noting, “We get that. It must be a better situation for us.” To which u/CHIF406 replied, “Of course we understand.”

As Restaurant Business notes, thanks to declining sales, the chain has recently adopted new strategies – including “investing in technology” and adding “premium items” to menus – in hopes of attracting customers. highest-spending customers.

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