Why Scott Disick thinks young women want to date him


Scott Disick gets dragged out to date women much younger than him, and he talks about his love life. He defends himself.

Scott Disick from Keeping up with the Kardashians is known for dating younger women, and we’re here to explain why he thinks these women want to be with him. Scott came to Andy Cohen’s second special reunion with a bleached, buzzed Mohawk haircut that looked good on him. One fan asked why Scott pursues so many teen love interests. He explained, “Everyone is wrong that I look for young girls, but I don’t go out looking for young girls. They happen to be attracted to me.” He then added, “because I look young” before saying, “That’s what I think.” While Scott’s appeal is timeless for many fans, his tone indicated that he didn’t quite believe in the logic of youthful appearance.

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Scott dated two famous and very young women, the first of which was Sofia Richie. In 2017, the couple reunited while Kourtney Kardashian was still dating Younes Bendjima. Scott and Sofia had been together for over three years. Scott’s infamous “Three Company” Instagram post in a lounge chair, flanked by Sofia and Kourtney, seemed to show that all was well. Things took things to the next level after the trio shared a steamy bath in a Norwegian hot tub. Scott did his best to spend time with his ex-girlfriend and girlfriend. Sofia later pointed out how more mature Scott was around Kourtney, and the journey became tense. Scott became overwhelmed and left Santa’s workshop early with Sofia and Mason.

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Scott’s relationship with Sofia has broken down. Sofia expressed that she felt like she had to share her boyfriend with Kourtney, which Scott (not to mention Kim and Khloé) seriously validated. Scott joked that his relationship background was a designer. When it came to putting family first, Scott included Kourtney, who ultimately was a deciding factor for Sofia. After the breakup, there was hope that Scott would rekindle his long-lost romance with Kourtney, but it was not long before her family was cuddled. Over the past season, she made it clear that specific criteria would have to be met for her to consider returning with Scott. He knows what it is and they both know he hasn’t met them.

Only two months after breaking up with Sofia, he started dating Amelia Hamlin. Unlike Sofia, Amelia has her own reality TV story as the daughter of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Rinna. At Watch whats going on Live, Rinna said she had met Scott. She said “he was very nice” and “we had a great time.” She also mentioned that Scott had met her husband and was done with it, “It is what it is, guys. It is what it is.” Critics in the press did not seem to bother the couple. Scott once went through the wringer with Sofia, and Amelia grew up in the industry.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that Hamlin has brought new energy to Scott, who divides his time between Miami and Los Angeles. This time around, Scott seems to be making a major effort to put Amelia first. Focusing on her current relationship is probably more manageable now that Kourtney is going out seriously and showing so much affection for Travis Barker. While Scott still holds a torch for Kourtney and “wants to kill” any guy she’s related with, he seems to thrive on his own. From the jet set along the Miami coast to sexy motorcycle photoshoots and drinks with Maluma, he certainly seems to be living his best life with Amelia. The former couple claimed to support their two new relationships during the reunion.

It’s no wonder that men are interested in women half their age, but as Scott asserts, it takes two to tango. Although he half-joked about his youthful appearance, Scott’s real appeal to Gen Z is likely to be his larger-than-life reputation and personality. He has a natural charisma which has earned him a leading role in Kourtney’s heart and on keeping up with the Kardashians.

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