Your Top Ten Places to Eat Chicken Wings at KY&IN

To celebrate National Wings Day, we asked which restaurant has the most envious wings in town. Who serves the biggest, saltiest and tastiest wings in the tri-state? You took the survey, and we have the results.

Last week we played the “One Has to Go Challenge” on social media. We asked, which of these popular food choices are you willing to give up forever? I was shocked to see chicken wings coming out on top. I thought it would be hot dogs. You can view the results HERE. I could never give up wings. I like them coated in classic Buffalo sauce – medium, bourbon barbecue sauce or Caribbean jerk. I like a little heat and lots of spice on my wings. Getting a crispy coating is a must! It will make your baked or fried chicken wings bursting with flavor. I also prefer drums to flats with a cold beer. How do you like your wings?

Here are the top 10 chicken wing restaurants based on your votes. Do you agree or disagree? There are some pretty delicious wing options that make the list.


Pizza PeezO

Pizza PeezO

2100 West 2nd Street Owensboro, KY 42301

PeezO’s Pizza came in 10th after the poll ended. They’re best known for their exceptional pizzas, but their wings hold their own. Mango Habenero sauce is fire! I’m not surprised that their wings made our Top 10.

Every time we visit same results, delicious, hot and so much food! PeezOs is our favorite pizza and wing restaurant! – Katie Red Wimsatt

PeezO’s takes the pleasure of eating to a whole new level. I tried a huge assortment of menu items only to be incredibly impressed with each one! Also, the delicious wing sauces were certainly one of a kind. Larry Owen and the staff provided super friendly and prompt service. The Poseys rejoice that they are still very dedicated customers! -David Posey

We tried it for the first time tonight, and we will be back. Good food and service was top notch. – Paul Obryan Jr.


Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

736 Frederica St Owensboro, KY 42301

I eat chicken wings all over the tri-state, but never tried them at the American Legion in Owensboro. Last year they finished in 4th place, but getting to 9th place is still very respectable. Looks like I’ll have to try their wings soon!

Great people, great food, great friends! Every time we are in Owensboro Kentucky we stop. -Stan Diekmann

Very good atmosphere with a very good menu of dishes. Wonderful people. Very laid back and friendly. -Richard P Stallings

Nice place. The staff is very friendly and the food is good. -Allison Henderson


Millays Tavern & Grill

Tavern and grills of Millay

9431 Highway 144, Philpot, KY, USA, Kentucky

Millay’s Tavern & Grill lost a spot in the poll. Last year their wings were in 7th place. After last year’s ranking, I traveled to Philpot to try their luck. You were right, Matt’s Wings are really good!

Millay’s wings with Matt’s sauce! The best!! -Maria Shouse

They have amazing food! Matt Wings is amazing. Plus their thin crust pizza beats anyone. -Shannon Payne

There’s nothing better than Matt’s wings! -Jim Banks Jr.


RedDunnLev on Canva

RedDunnLev on Canva

5030 Frederica St Owensboro, KY 42301

My favorite menu item at Zaxby’s is the delicious seasoned fries and traditional wings. Always threw in their sweet and spicy sauce. They cook the wings perfectly every time.

There’s nothing better than their super seasoned fries and Zaxby’s sauce! – Nicolette Crystal Vizuet

I love the food, but the wing sauce gives it a kick. I always buy more because it makes my food at home taste amazing! – Banita Meredith Miller

It’s high time you walked out with a bottle of Zax Sauce and started selling it at Walmart! -Roman Michael Jones


Barb Birgy – WBKR

Barb Birgy – WBKR

3189 Fairview Drive Suite E Owensboro, KY 42303
200 North Main Street Beaver Dam, KY 42320

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is in the top 10 again! They were also ranked 6th last year.

Beef O Brady is hard to beat. -Alex Kimmel

The coldest beer and the best wings! -Valerie Fitzhugh Jones

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s and couldn’t find anything I didn’t like! ! ! The owner and staff are like family.
-Pamela Messer Long


Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

4620 Lincoln Ave Evansville, IN 47715

Every time we take a trip to Evansville, Hooter’s is more than likely on the menu. Their Daytona Beach Style Wings Hooters are our favorites. They always cook them to crispy perfection!

Absolutely fantastic wings; the staff is nice too! -Cindy Bragg

I would totally have boneless wings with extra wings. I like the Chesapeake Rub wings best. -Evan Stanfield

I still love this place. The food is awesome! The waitresses are awesome and the hurricanes are awesome. I love that. -Ricky Schroeder


There are six Wings Etc sites. different in the three states! All serve delicious wings. They are big, juicy and delicious. Of course, my favorite sauce is their Hot Barbie sauce.

Good food. Great staff. Great daily specials. Incredible variety of dishes, sauces, beers and spirits. I can only recommend this establishment! -Kirstie Nicole

I really enjoyed the chicken and the variety of sauces. The workers are friendly and efficient. – Renee Kala Bean

We loved eating at Wings Etc and the staff were super friendly. It was a wonderful family place and we can’t wait to go back for more awesome wings soon! – Karen Marie Toney


Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

They also placed 3rd last year. Fortunately, there are plenty of Buffalo Wild Wings locations to choose from. My favorite sauce is Honey BBQ, Mild Buffalo or Asian Zing. Sheer Perfection!

The food is always good and hot! For the most part, excellent service all around. -Danielle Shepard

BDubs is awesome! -Dan Johnson

My favorite place for wings. Love them soooooo…delicious…yum, yum! -Arty Beckas


Mil’s Dairy Drive In

Mil’s Dairy Drive-In

10154 State Route 54 Whiteville, KY 42378

Mil’s Dairy Drive-In dropped a spot in the poll. After they came in #1 last year, I made the short drive to Whitesville to order some wings. We tried the BBQ, Buffalo and Piggy Hot sauces, and all were delicious. They don’t skimp on the sauces!

Some of the best wings in town. I highly recommend them. Some of the best food and hospitality around. – Donald Nugent

Mil’s Dairy is by far the best!!! -Kerri Knott

Mil’s Dairy Drive got my vote! -Holly Lee Kinman


2611 US Highway 41 N Henderson, KY 42420

It’s been a while since I’ve had the wings at Mister B’s Pizza & Wings. Wings are still good, but since they closed the Owensboro site, I don’t go to Henderson often. They are now the #1 place to get chicken wings based on your votes!

Mister B’s located in Henderson Ky has great food. The service was excellent and quick. I would recommend it to my friends and family. -Keith Brandon

The service was excellent and the food was hot and tasty! -Christina Courtois

Everything was fantastic! We had the quesadilla pizza, buffalo wings and of course a beer. The pizza was amazing, the wings had a perfect kick, and the draft beer was crispy and ice cold. – Rene Tucker

Angel shared some good news last month! Soon we won’t have to travel to Henderson for our fix of Mister B. They’re coming back to Owensboro.

Impressive. I expected something good to happen there. It’s a great location. -Philip Hodges

I can’t wait to wait!! -Jamie Wright

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